Welcome to Honoree Counsel of Liberia, Istanbul, Turkey.

‘’ Liberia presents one of the best opportunities for investments in Africa today ‘’

‘’ Your investments will be welcomed and protected, with assurance of a win-win as well as result oriented solution for all ‘’

I have the privilege to present to you the first edition of Push For Liberia program, published by the honoree counsel of Liberia in Istanbul, Turkey.

For investors interested in Liberia, Push for Liberia presents ample information on what you need to know, to get started.

Liberia provides one of the best opportunities for investments in Africa today. The country is laying all the necessary groundwork in terms of its corporate tax regime, ease of setting up a business and the repatriation of capital to attract investors.

Apart from local incentives, the country is a springboard into the sub-regional Mano River union market (40 million population) and the regional ECOWAS market ( over 335 million people ). A virgin territory with vast unexploited sectors make up an eager, easy train and affordable workforce. Liberia’s development corridors present investment prospects in infrastructure development, agriculture, mining and tourism among others, that are un-paralleled in the region

Liberia climate is favorable to farming. Vast forests and an abundance of water provide a basis for increased agricultural development in Liberia value chain products: aquaculture, marine, fisheries, horticulture, oil palm, cocoa, rubber, cassava, and much more.

Manufacturing and processing of our own produce present vast opportunities for investors. The current high imports provide proof for the viability of the markets. Agriculture is a major sector of Liberia’s economy, worth 38.8% of GDP and employment 67% of the population, providing a valuable export.

Excluding other food supply, Liberia spends upward US$80 million annually importing its key staple food, rice. Liberia wants to reserve this trend, as the country is endowed with vast stretches of swamps and other fertile lands to grow rice and most of what Liberia consume. A knowledgeable farming workforce is available, and investments in technology, specifically mechanized farming, will maximize outputs.

While aforementioned synopsis gives just a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg of what Liberia has to offer, getting these goods and services to market also presents another avenue of investment for the potential investor. Liberia has about 10.600 km of roads, 2 airports, and 27 airstrips, however, only 657 km of these roads are paved, and many of the airstrips require rehabilitation. These circumstances provide ample opportunities in infrastructural development.

As the institution mandated with promoting, securing and protecting the interests of investors, the honoree counsel of Liberia in Istanbul encourages you to invest in Liberia, where your investments will be welcomed and protected, with assurance of a win-win solution for all.

I personally am confident, your investment will grow and succeeded. As our motto says “It always seems impossible until it’s done,”

Stay Blessed. Best Regards

H.E. Selahattin YILMAZ
Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Liberia Istanbul, Turkey.