1. Honoree Counsel Office to be set and operated in Istanbul in order to serve possible quarries of Liberian citizens based either in Turkey or Liberia. Any Turkish individuals or companies needs information or service about Liberia. Bounding and Linking two countries individuals and Corporates to each other.

  2. Creating Liberia country desk for Liberia in DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board) one of the best non- profitable business association based in Turkey with members of well repudiated corporates only. (https://www.deik.org.tr/)

  3. Creating Liberia country desk for Liberia in MUSIAD (Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association one of the best mid-sized companies' non-profitable organization based in Turkey over 15.000 members.

  4. Create a professional 'Push For Liberia Program" with marketing communication plan both for Turkish individual entrepreneurs and other multinational corporation investors worldwide. By having "Push For Liberia Program " our priority is helping to increase GDP growth rate of Liberian citizens as our first goal. Meanwhile as a result to relief bilateral, multilateral and commercial debt. Please see attached insert hardcopy of the program and a softcopy in our website www.pushforleberia.com

  5. Sourcing buyers in Turkey for products and services to be exported from Liberia to Turkey. Link them with local Liberian companies,

  6. Sourcing national and multinational corporates that are willing to Push for Liberia especially for industries mentioned below;

  1. Infrastructure,

  2. Energy and Renewable,

  3. Telecommunication,

  4. Agriculture and Food,

  5. Life Sciences,

  6. Mining and Metals,

  7. Real Estate,

  8. Transportation and Logistics,

  9. Tourism

7. Sponsoring of 30 students to get their Bachelor and Master's degree education done in Turkey,

  1. Linking major one or two well-equipped local hospitals that are operating and based in Turkey to exchange know-how with government non-profitable organizations in Liberia.

  2. Linking one competitive and well repudiated universitiy based in Turkey to collaborate, and exchange information between universities. Host Liberian academicians in Turkey for certain interested topics.

10. Sourcing well organized local city municipality officers and bound them as Subsidiary brotherhood cities between Liberia, Turkey and share information.
11. To obtain priority wise new or slightly used Ambulances, Fire trucks, Garbage Conveyors, educational use equipment's such as computers, I-pad's, electronic white boards, projectors, etc. to be delivered to Liberia by private local mid-big sized companies or groups as corporate social responsibility.
12. To obtain Sampiyon Filter warehouse in Liberia to be operated by the Ministry of .........  in Monrovia. %50 of the Net Income of products sold in the country will be left for the use of Ministry of ......... Liberia government.
13. Free Filtration products to be donated for the maintenance service of Government owned trucks and busses license plated under the Monrovia state.
14. To organize 'Libera exhibition days' reception once in a year in Istanbul in order to link Liberian citizens, individuals, companies, traders, politicians, with locals.
15. Loyalty Program Card to be issued for the entrepreneurs who will travel to Turkey to seek for any business opportunities. Entrepreneur must fill out the *form in our website to become a card holder. This program contains rebates for the products purchased from Turkey origin only.
16. Social Media Channel; advertisement of Liberia and its potential.
17. Newspaper Feature Reports every 3 months to be delivered to our media communication company for them to deliver a detailed report to Economy sites of newspapers, magazines and Social Media platform.
18. TV program which gives a detailed report on Push For Liberia program.
19. Editorial Magazine every quarter of the calendar year to be printed and delivered to social and economic public corporates free of charge both in two countries.
20. Obtaining Turkish citizenship applications for those Liberians who can effort to purchase a house in Turkey.
21. Free consulting for legal residence and working permits.