The Government of Liberia values investors, and aims to protect their rights

The Government of Liberia has recently approved a new investment incentive code and a new revenue code. Revisions to

the Revenue Code have lowered the maximum corporate and personal tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent. Liberia's

Investment Act of 2010 ensures the following:


  • National treatment of foreign investors
  • Guarantee against expropriation without fair and adequate compensation
  • Repatriation of income, capital gains and dividends
  • Protection against retroactive application of adverse laws
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection

Additionally, Liberia is founded on democratic principles with a judicial system that is capable of handling investment disputes in a fair and equitable manner. The commercial courts offer an additional avenue for the expedition of commercial cases.

The country is a member of The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and is a signatory to the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) Convention that guarantees the protection of foreign investments.

- After Care Services

The Liberia National Investment Commission (LNIC) is aware that an investor's decision to invest is not the end of our involvement; it is the beginning of sustained aftercare.

In order to ensure that investors meet with success, LNIC remains involved with many investors after a decision has been made to invest. In many instances, the LNIC is a conduit to help remove barriers and constraints for investors.

Through the provision of such services, the LNIC captures investor’s feedback and is able formulate recommendations to streamline processes with the competent authorities. This is useful to determine needed reforms of policies, laws, and regulations as well as the improvement of determinant investment factors - e.g. labor, infrastructure, services.

- Success Stories
TIBA Industrial Group: Industrial Land Provided for Liberia’s First Biscuit Factory Since the War

TIBA opened the first biscuit factory in Liberia since the war. Established at Monrovia Industrial Park in December 2013,

TIBA made a significant investment to process foods and add value in Liberia.

“We decided to be a pioneer in food processing. Liberia has been importing most foodstuffs, including biscuits since the war,” said RizkallahGharib, President, MILLA Group’s Board and Owner, of TIBA Industrial Group. “We evaluated the market and found this was a good business opportunity for the group.” TIBA sells domestically, but recently started exporting to Sierra Leone and Guinea. “The regional market represents another plus of producing in Liberia.”

TIBA now employs 183 people, most of them women. “Our workforce is very dedicated and proud to be working in this industry”, Mr. Gharib continued.

“And the Government of Liberia, in particular National Investment Commission and the Ministry of Finance, has been very helpful. NIC’s service has improved significantly, responding to requests in a much faster way than what our group experienced in the past”, Mr.Gharib added.

NIC’s Chairman Mr. MichaellWotorson is very pleased with TIBA’s investment and indicated "this attests to the interesting investment opportunities available in Liberia. Many products and markets are open for grabs to domestic or regional investors who are willing to be a pioneer, produce, process and add value in Liberia."

- Success Stories:

For those multinational corporates who have already invested in the territory and successfully operating with no Hassel will be on the presentation. Mentioning their logos on our hard copy and soft copy presentations is important.


- Concession Agreed Corporates: add the website address

a. Firestone,
b. Arcelor Mittal,
c. China Union,
d. Golden Veroleum, e. Sime Darby,
f. Equatorial Palm Oil,

- Jewelry Mining:

a. Mining for raw gold and in bars to be exported to various countries worldwide b. Mining for raw diamond and to be exported to various countries worldwide

- Steel Industry:

a. Scrap is ready to be exported.

b. Massive demand of Iron rods for construction purposes

- Construction Commodities:

a. In need of establishing a Cement Plant or to import the commodity in large quantities.
b. In need of establishing a Steel mill for Iron rods and carbon metal in coils, bars and-or sheets, since the raw material of iron ore is already one of the richest raw material minerals in the country.

- Farming & Food-Beverage:

a. Marine Fisheries investors are welcome. Current production is 8.000 tons/year but consumption is 23.800 tons/year. b. Horticulture:
c. Cacao,
d. Tropical Fruits,

e. Crude Palm Oil & Refined Palm Oil: used for cooking, soaps, cosmetics, food processing, mulch, fertilizer, animal feed and bio-fuel.
f. Rice: 600.000 hectares are available for investors in the rice chain, input provision, production and processing.
g. Cassava: gari, cassava flour, high quality cassava starches and adhesives.

h. Marine fish: cassava fish, fair trade tuna, barracuda, deep-sea red crab.

- Raw Commodities:

a. Rubber used for manufacturing tires,
b. Rubber wood timber, is widely used for manufacturing high-end furniture c. Jewelry, Raw and semi-finished gold in bars, diamond,
d. Mining,
d. Iron ore,
e. Bauxite,
f. Timber and wood.
g. Cavalla rubber
i. Wood Timber,
j. Western Cluster

- Petrol, Petroleum & Car Care Products:

a. Petrol
b. Gas,
c. Lubricants,
d. Air, Fuel, Lube Filtration for earth moving on road and off-road applications. e. Spare Parts for earth moving on road and off-road applications.

- Education:

a. 42% of the children out of school b. Literacy in Liberia is at 57%.

c. Classes over crowded, many kids can't read by the time they reach secondary school. d. Only %20 of children enrolled in primary school complete secondary school.

- Health:

a. laboratory, x-ray, dental, optometry, emergency and surgical units is being served. b. None oncology, eye surgery, neurology etc. is being served.
c. Mobil labs and clinics for rural areas.

- Transportation:

Since most of the ECOWAS countries have not yet reached enough roads or highways as its level of demand, earth moving machines, and its accessories on-off road applications are in high demand such as,

a. Fire trucks,
b. Ambulance, slightly used
c. Buses, slightly used and new d. Trucks, slightly used and new

e. Trash – Bin Truck Loaders, slightly used and new f. Fuel tankers, slightly used or new
g. Cement mixers, slightly used or new
h. Heavy duty applications, slightly used and new i. Generators slightly used and new.

*all mentioned transportation use vehicles and commodities shall be served to the country in slightly used version since there is a purchasing power problem in the country or brand-new ones should be very competitive in terms of pricing, financed in credited terms as well as its quality level concerns.