Here are the high priority projects that country needs to be taken care of.

- Agriculture

In spite of our political and socio-economic differences, there is a consensus that agriculture is the foundation for the transformation of Liberia into a middle-income country.

Agriculture is the most effective means of reducing poverty and ensuring economic growth and development because the majority of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihoods.

Agriculture sector is an untapped investment opportunity in Liberia.

Our current strategy is to concentrate investment across commodity value chains from inputs to markets, associated with both staples and other high-value crops.

The Liberia Agricultural Transformation Agenda (LATA) is the new policy framework and vision for developing agriculture and agribusiness, directly supported by H.E. Madam President. It represents a decisive holistic move towards transforming Liberian agriculture into a strong economic pillar over the next five years

  • Moving from subsistence farming to business.

  • Introducing and making optimal use of science and technology, research and innovation, adequate policies and regulations, regional and international trade agreements.

  • Nurturing domestic private sector and attracting foreign investors with a proven track record in Africa.

  • Promoting economic development and inclusive growth through job creation.

1. Know Our Customers (Initiated And Ongoing)

E-Registration of all farmers in the 15 counties of Liberia to create a database More than 250,000 farmers already registered. Second phase is underway.

2. Make Access To Finance Easy

  • Cost-sharing mechanism for agro-inputs (initiated and ongoing)

  • Set up a holistic de-risking mechanism for commercial lending, including credit guarantee, technical support,

    insurance, bank incentive mechanism, bank rating, co-financing and grants to SMEs (initiated and being planned)

  • Promote finance leasing and micro-finance institutions (regulations adopted, some investors operating)

  • Attract and incentivize value chain investors (incentives available)

  • Implement warehouse receipt system (proposal under review)

3. Reform The Policy Environment (Initiated And Ongoing)

Liberia Agricultural Commodity Regulation Agency (Act adopted) Seeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides Act (in process)
Land Rights Act (being debated at Legislature)
Specific regulations and taxation regime per value chain (in process)

4. Promote Private Sector Investment

  • Fast-track investment proposals for LATA through strong Governmental leadership and coordination (Presidential Task Force ongoing)

  • Set up a special scheme for incentives and business development support for Signature Investors at critical stages of the value chain (in process)

  • Duty-free access for essential equipment, seeds, goods for agricultural development (Executive Order 73 existing)

  • Targeted investment promotion and development of export markets (ongoing)

5. Doing Business Differently As A Government

Redefining the role of the Ministry of Agriculture as a business enabler and not an implementer (institutional reforms ongoing)

Provide clear strategic direction and targets (LATA programming in process)

Strengthen coordination and collaboration across Government agencies to ensure objectives are met (Task Force, Sector Working Groups ongoing)

Strengthen partnerships with all key stakeholders(Public-Private, Government – Donor, Government - NGO mechanisms set up)

Increasing access to information and transparency (online communication will be strengthened)