Liberia is well known for its opportunities in the extractive and tree crop sectors. The country, however offers a wide range of opportunities in agriculture, energy and more. To help guide entrepreneurs seeking to invest in Liberia, the Liberia National Investment Commission (LNIC) has packaged opportunities in four sectors with immediate opportunities:

Road Transport

  • Large scale fleet to service concessionaires
  • Small scale trucking business targeting small and medium sized businesses in Liberia

Coastal Transport

  • Operation of short haul cargo services along the Liberian coast to target demand from oil rigs and concessions across the country
  • Market opportunity also exists in intra-West Africa trade


  • Liberia has 186,322 km2 of fishing ground within the EEZ
  • Strong local and regional demand creates opportunities for fish harbor management, fish processing and aquaculture production

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Liberia has abundant rainfall, temperate climate and rich soils that offer ideal growing conditions for tropical fruits and vegetables
  • High market demand from domestic, regional and international markets