The cost of construction and maintenance of our roads is very high.

  • Due to the climate conditions, we can only work on the roads for a period of at most six months in a year.

  • Despite these challenges, we have completed or are in the process or completing 425 km of paved intercounty roads, the most by any previous administration.

Generating Electricity

Liberia has nearly installed a capacity of 126 Mega Watts of electricity

By implementing the transmission and distribution programs and consolidation of the grid in Monrovia, there will be an extension of power to the other counties over the next two years.

Rebuilding the Ports

At the freeport of Monrovia, a 25 -year concession was granted in 2010 to the Dutch firm APM Terminals for quick and substantive intervention to avoid th collapse of the pier and its implications for the economy. The freeport of Monrovia maintains its international ship and Port security (ISPS) Level on
status. Additional development is currently ongoing under phase 2 of the expansion project. This includes a container park and a more rational warehousing system.

Both the Buchanan and Greenville ports under improvement are considered good prospects for a public-private partnership with the National Port Authority.

There have been some upgrades at Roberts International Airport, including the installation of navigational equipment. Arrangements are being concluded for a new runway and a new terminal within the next two tears.

Other Priority Projects

With technical and financial support from the African Development Bank, replicating the agricultural transformation success of Nigeria, agricultural potential is being exploited.

The Liberia Agricultural Transformation agenda starts with an inventory of farmers throughout the country and a value chain development approach that goes from farm production to agro-processing to full manufacturing. The targeted commodities are cacao, oil palm, rubber, fisheries ( both marine and aquaculture ), rice and cassava.