Linking boundaries together.

Non-profitable organization would promote investment environment of Turkey to Liberia and provides assistance to investors for Liberia as a honoree counsel office for Turkey.

Thru our honoree counsel, his associates and our senior advisors based in Liberia you may have the most efficient, fastest, result oriented outputs on your business plan opportunities. Our professional skilled team, network, knowledge, know-how and over 20 years of experience in West Africa countries we will be more than happy to serve your social and commercial possible questionaries’ you might possibly have.

Any fee we shall invoice you; we are proud to announce that total amount of the services you may get, its profitability to be directly wired to the ministries in our second home country Liberia.

Any other donations you might possibly contribute with as your social responsibility we will appreciate your generosity. Shall we remind you that any amount of your donation is tax-exempted.