Adopting an Export – Driven Approach

The Liberia agricultural Transformation agenda is the response to the need to Liberia to be export-driven. The goal for LATA is to create conditions so that Liberia achieves a higher level of economic resilience and inclusive growth.

Our focus is to move away from raw commodities and toward priority value chains – cocoa, rubber, oil palm, fisheries and aquaculture, rice and cassava.

Economic diversification, agro-processing and manufacturing are all vital for Liberia; collectively they create the foundation of private sector development and inclusive growth. The strategic will:

  • Structurally transform the economy away from mining and raw commodities

  • Develop a robust foundation for broadband, inclusive economic growth

  • Provide customers for the power infrastructure that our collegue at MLME/LEC have successfully set up

  • Widen our tax base

Key for Principles to Promote Economic Growth

  • Develop selected agricultural value chains through private sector investment and market systems

  • Adopt innovative financing solutions

  • Promote an export-driven industrial policy, with targeted governmental intervention that supotrts the emergence

    of value addition and the production of downstream goods

  • Ensure the appropriate enabling business environment