To support economic diversification plan, our targeted investors are:

Multi-national Companies
Foreign direct investment
Impact Investment
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Liberian Diaspora

Private Equity Philanthropic organizations Governments


Why do Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Matter?

The economic crises dramatically highlighted one structural weakness of the economy of Liberia: Overdependence on extractive sectors, inheritance causing vulnerability toward external factors. This had led the government to target GDP growth excluding mining’s as a key performance indicator to avoid the traps of ‘’growth without development.’’ The government has targeted Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) as crucial to developing both international and external trade, of Liberians. The governments has also targeted agri-business as a key comparative advantage for Liberia. Through simple value-addition, Liberia can begin the long process of industrialization necessary to pull our population out of poverty.

>MSMEs provide 66% of all formal jobs in developing countries, and up to 80% in low-income countries, contributing 33% to GDP in these countries.

>MSMEs drive over 90% of ECOWAS economic activities, in a market of about 335 million consumers.

>They impact over 60% of the youth population, vulnerably employed or unemployed, in both the formal and informal sectors. Investing in MSMEs provides the greatest opportunity for sustainable poverty alleviation through job creation