10 significant reasons you should invest in Liberia;

  1. Access to Regional Markets: Liberia has access to over 335 million consumers through ECOWAS. As a founding member of the Mano River Union and ECOWAS, Liberia is better positioned with access to these markets. Additionally Liberia is the first independent African nation and the first African country recognized by the Western World.
  2. Low cost of labor: With a very youthful population, Liberia’s cost of labor is set at US$5.00-6.00 per day.
  3. Minimum restriction on the repatriation of profits and no currency exchange restrictions: Section 11 of the Investment Act of 2010 strengthens investment protection by ensuring the ability of investors to repatriate capital and profits. These may include profits and dividends (net of taxes), remittance of money (net of taxes) in the event of the sale or liquidation of the business, repayments of loans acquired from foreign banks, etc.
  4. Political stability: Liberia has been politically stable for the past 11 years; holding two free, fair, and transparent elections. The former President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who was the first female president to serve as chairman of ECOWAS, won the Nobel  Peace Prize in 2011.
  5. Tax Regime: The Revenue Code outlines clear tax regulations and tax exemptions for investors in target sectors.
  6. International Markets: Liberia receives preferential treatment under the EU’s Everything But Arms initiative. The EBA grants duty-free, and in most cases quota-free, access to the EU market. Liberia receives preferential treatment under the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, which offers the most preferential access to the U.S. market available outside the free trade agreements. Liberia also has a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement with the United States. The country also has access to the Asian and African (outside ECOWAS) markets.
  7. Guarantee against unfair expropriation: In Section 7 of the Investment Act of 2010.
  8. Prohibition against discrimination: Subject to the Labor Law and Laws governing immigration, foreign investors, employers, and workers enjoy the same rights and are subject to the same duties and obligations as are applicable to citizens of Liberia.
  9. First nation in Africa to completely stop cutting down its trees and promote deforestation.
  10. Large untapped natural resources base: Liberia is endowed with several rich bodies of minerals and other raw materials, including gold, diamonds, iron ore, bauxite, rubber, timber, and much more.


Why Liberia? Let’s Benchmark!

Let’s Quickly Benchmark your Frequently Asked Questions you have in mind; ‘FAQ’s’

‘Be Opportunist, Success stories has recently been there, Why not YOUR organization?’

His Excellency, George Manneh Weah, Vice President, ministers and government officials of Liberia are all willing to give us the opportunity, chance and their full support to make investment-collaboration happen between our two countries,

We have the Government Efficiency,

As Our Motto says so; “It always seems impossible until it’s done,”
We will be more than happy to consult you free of charge thru our honoree counsel officers, expert, dynamic and up to date team face to face when you need us,
We really are willing to collaborate by all it means,
We have a business ethic strategy of Win-Win for both parties,
*Full country Report: Upon Donation US$ 50.
We want to collaborate Result Oriented,
Liberians Warm welcoming and hospitality as it is in Turkish culture.
People of Liberia have a Sense of Humor,
Extremely Down to Earth,
Ethic attitude on Business and Social Environment
Peaceful and you will definitely be Secured,
Whatever we do, we do it under Open Book Policy,
Be there first in your field of activity and enjoy the Outcome, Opportunities are right there in Liberia waiting for you. Just ask for it.
You will find One of the most Virgin Country to invest in the World,

We do offer Investment Legislation provided by his excellency

Incentives given by Liberia government,
Is the first independent African nation and country recognized by the Western World,
First, Five Star Hotel in whole Africa was built.
Law of Justice equal to everyone,
Direct Report to the ministries thru our Honorable Counselor,
No need to seek what to do, where to invest?
Products and Services needed to be taken care of in high priority list is available upon your request.
His Excellency, George Manneh Weah is the president to serve as chairman of ECOWAS Enjoy the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)


Doors to reach 335 million potential consumers 1.3 trillion $ market still untapped, via ECOWAS,

Union Trade agreement to US, China, South Africa and EU.

Has an access to 15 different countries with no duties in Africa

Cost of Doing business in ECOWAS will surprise you in terms of Investment Rate of Return calculations.

Man and Labor Power,

Population over 65 years and under 15 years,

Working Hours,

One of the Lowest Labor, Market Cost in the World,

Large Domestic Market,

Transferring Assets,

Low In-Land Transportation,

Low diesel cost, 3,40 US$/Galloon,

Centrally Located,

Tax incentives,
Stable Economy,
International FDIC Banking System,

Prior to Arrival to Liberia Working and Residence Permits will be ready for you,

Takes only 3 days to register a company,
Country driven by Democracy and stable Political base ground for many years and for the last 8 years on roll,

Liberal and Reformist Investment Climate,

Currency is in L$ almost equal to US$, No currency devaluation,


Finally, we will appreciate your business.